Group Classes


Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to create balance in the body while developing your strength and your flexibility. This is achieved through different yoga poses, each with its own physical benefits. Different schools of yoga bring different challenges, so you can easily find one that suits you and try several styles with their differing benefits and philosophies.


Gentle Yoga: is great for first timers or if you're returning back to yoga slowly. Take the time to relax and learn about your body. Defined in Sanskirt, yoga is a practice as a unity of the mind, body, & breathe.

Surrender to all aches and pains enjoy rich restorative asanas (poses) that will allow you to let go of all the tension and stress added in your life. Bring awareness to your already existing inner strength in the mind while building the strength of the body.


Hatha Yoga: with a slower pace than a Vinyasa class, Hatha is great for beginners & seasonal practitioners. Focus on the physical body through the breathe (pranayama) and asanas (poses/posture). Dive deeper into your practice as you take rich a breathes in every pose.

You will either learn poses or reconnect with your alignment by holding each poses for few breathes. Increase your body's flexibility while tapping into your inner strength through more basic, not "easy" poses.


Vinyasa Yoga: Flowing, dynamic style of yoga with special attention to breathe (pranayama) and aligment through asanas (poses/postures). A class that is challenging in difficulty of poses, pace, structure, and sequencing. Be creative, calm mind and tone your body through sun salutations, standing & seated postures, back bending and inversions and finish with a relaxing shavasana.

Vinyasa Basic: good for those who know yoga poses. and looking for a less challenge than an open level class.
Vinyasa Open: this class is NOT for first timers. A rigorous class that continues to build on your previous existing base of strength with challenging Poses.