Group classes

Fitness Group Classes New York

Life in Motion offers a range of classes in different disciplines from Body Sculpting to Boot Camp and fun-filled dance styles such as Zumba and NIA and various forms of Yoga. Make sure you check out our extensive schedule.

Group classes are a great way to get fit. They are fun, full of energy, and support you to progress at your own speed. Sign up with friends and encourage each other to push the envelope or make new friends with similar goals. The atmosphere in a motivated group is electric. You are motivated by the enthusiasm of your class. At Life in Motion, our instructors keep the class pumping and they always make time to address the needs of individuals. You don’t only learn from your own successes and mistakes in a class, but from everyone else’s too.

Ready to join the group? You can pick up one of our First Class Coupons and try out some classes to find something that fits, or sign up for a course and get your first class for only $10

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Each class incorporates a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, seat and core exercises at the barre. Tone your muscle while improving our posture.


It gets your heart pumping, keeps your body toned and gives you the marble buttocks of a greek statue. And if you have wheels on your bike, you can even get from A to B without buying gas. But if weather and traffic keep you inside, BodyStrength has cycles galore ready to take you on a spin to health.


We also offer gentle yoga, which is less intense than other yoga forms and puts far less stress on the body. Gentle yoga uses the hatha method but you do not go into the postures as deeply or flex quite as much. This makes ideal for people who, for various reasons might not be able to cope with the demands of other yoga forms. We advise it for people who might be rehabilitating after injury as well as pregnant women, seniors or anyone out of shape or who would like to try a more gentle approach. It is a wonderful pre-natal exercise, especially for mothers-to-be in late pregnancy.


Hatha yoga also called Hatha Vidya, is a system of yoga described by Yogi Swatmarama, a 15th century Hindu yogi. This form of yoga has no flow between the poses and many classes consist of slow stretching and meditation. This makes Hatha a good way to become familiar with yoga and its poses and techniques.