Training & Recovery

You can use indoor cycling as a warm-up exercise

  • If you are doing other workouts out than cycling you will need a good warm up and cycling is a great safe option to pump up the blood and get you in the mood. If you’re looking for a great way to burn fat, take cycling at the end of your work out to get a lean and shredded body. Spinning is used by athletes as well, as it helps increasing mental and physical energy levels in addition to warming up muscles.

You can use it as a recovery activity

  • After a difficult day or week of training, indoor cycling can help with your recovery. Many athletes consider 20 minutes of gentle spinning at 55 percent of their maximum heart rate a better way to reduce stiffness and soreness than a massage.

It can help you sleep better

  • If you suffer from insomnia or another sleep problem, indoor cycling is one of the best exercises to help you get a good night sleep. Getting enough rest is essential to ensure you will be able to exercise the next day

Save Time and Optimize your workout

  • You dictate your training.
    When utilized properly, you will find that spinning is much more physically challenging than outdoor cycling.
  • You avoid distractions
    The lack of traffic, potholes, red lights, and other distractions allow you to give your full attention to your indoor cycling workout. Rather than being forced to coast or stop when the traffic and road conditions demand it, you can create your own training consisting of exactly what you need. Indoor cycling provides you with a flat training course if you live in an area with many hills, the ability to do high-intensity intervals when you choose, and an easy means of ending your training session when you want, not just when the route finishes. This also enables you to increase intensity whenever you wish without any risk of danger.
  • Time Flies
    Fun music and changing intervals at each level you will tend to lose track of time. Being on beat is such a party with everyone around you. Work out harder when listening to music at a faster tempo while going through a world of emotions and feelings. Cycling provides a great way to start the day or hit restart on a bad one.

Low Impact

  • For such a high-intensity workout, indoor cycling is surprisingly low impact. Many people who have recently recovered from orthopedic injuries (and who have been cleared by their physician) turn to indoor cycling to help them get back on track.
  • When done correctly, there is minimal impact on the hip, knee and ankle joints. When your bike is set up properly and you have appropriate footwear, you'll never have to worry about leaving an indoor cycling class with throbbing knee pain or stiffness in the hip joints. The circular motion allows for proper flexion and extension, while avoiding the pounding often brought on by other activities such as running or traditional aerobics classes.
  • For those who avoid the treadmill, elliptical, and stair stepper because of the traumatic impact on their knees or feet. Spinning keeps the pressure off of your knees and feet while you are able to work out hard Also a good workout for those who cannot use the treadmill, run or elliptical because of arthritis.