Targeted Areas


  • In a Barre workout, your core is engaged the entire time. When working out your legs and arms, your core is always engaged and strengthened. You’ll also combine Pilates and Ballet moves together to directly strengthen your core.
  • A strong core can increase your performance in all other activities, whether you’re playing tennis or just lifting your laundry bag.
  • Core muscles are engaged throughout the entire class, and they can be used for the primary focus of an exercise or for stability as you perform a move that targets your thighs or butt. The most common issue that clients have is a back pain that usually stems from weak core muscles and hours spent sitting at the computer.


  • While strengthening your core, you’ll begin to sit and stand taller, thus improving your posture.


  • With weights and elastic bands, Barre classes include exercises like military presses, arm raises, and biceps and triceps lifts to work the arm muscles.


  • Barre focuses on the lower body and is designed to help you drop pounds. There are ballet-inspired moves like pliés, dégagé, leg lifts/extensions that focus on the leg muscles.


  • The ballet-inspired moves target the butt muscles. Moves like glute raises help tone your backside.


  • Though there are many areas targeted in Barre, most classes do not target the back muscles, except for those that are part of your core.