Breathing your way to wellness!

Breathing: how hard can it be? It is the first thing we ever do, and the last before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Well it seems that, while we might not be doing it wrong, we can breathe more effectively and enjoy some great health benefits. Hatha Yoga has long taught its practitioners about how better breathing can improve their body and mind and is an integral part of wellness.

Keeping mindfulness in mind

In modern day practice, Hatha yoga generally refers to a gentle class of slow, measured movements and meditative breathing techniques that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. While the effects of the ancient yogic poses are powerful and dynamic, Hatha often appeals to beginners as well as those who value yoga's therapeutic and spiritual benefits.

Hatha relaxation for fitness!

Sportsmen and athletes boast of it helping their training, while svelte celebrities cite yoga as their toned-body secret. Yoga, as a fitness trend has gone mainstream, with the Hatha system of yoga being the most commonly practiced in the West.

Bring our your inner vinyasa yogi

Vinyasayoga is a term that has been coined to describe a high-energy workout that uses yoga postures to give students a cardio workout that builds strength, improves flexibility, as well as promotes muscle stability and tones the body. Power yoga takes the essence of ashtanga postures and poses and brings them into the modern day fitness environment.

Can yoga help you make life decisions?

Sometimes it can seem that life consists of holding or hanging onto many different threads, not knowing which ones to follow, let go of or reel in. Modern lifestyles might seem more civilized but with seemingly endless possibilities comes the inevitable crisis of decision making and ultimately which way to go.

Hot yoga sweat preparation

The benefits of hot yoga are not only down to the yoga postures and breathing exercises but the fact that you are doing these in a hot room. Sweating out toxins is believed to cleanse the body and after your  session you should feel clear headed and energized.

Don’t get burned by Hot Yoga myths!

Hot Yoga is currently hot stuff! It's a fitness trend that has really caught on around the world and as such, classes are being offered all over the place, as people read about it being the latest thing among celebrities and trendsetters. As with any relatively new trend though, there are some strong claims made about the impact of Hot Yoga, with people testifying to miraculous health benefits, including massive weight loss and a stronger heart, as well as advocating its healing powers.

Yoga etiquette for a better practice!

Yoga etiquette is not about social nicety or because yoga is for kind and polite types. What it is about is making your practice and the yoga experience for those around you more enjoyable and also more productive and effective. While each yoga studio may have certain policies, there are some classic considerations that will help you avoid a fitness faux pas.

Total relaxation hatha yoga style

Breathing and meditation are all important in hatha yoga. Bringing awareness to the breath and allowing your mind to actively let go is a way of improving your practice. Postures help you unwind from day-to-day stresses and relax your mind and body. For some people true relaxation takes practice and there is a lot more to total relaxation hatha yoga style than simply chilling out and trying to think of nothing.