Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga New York City

Relax with slow, meaningful stretches and a meditative practice to completely unwind the whole body and mind.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga New York City

Go with the flow with unique poses and a dynamic practice which brings your breath and movement together as one.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga New York City

Gentle yoga uses the hatha method but you don't go into the postures as deeply or flex quite as much.


Pilates New York

We offer some of the most versatile membership options in town, so there's no excuse not to come on down and get in shape!

Live a life in motion
and find your inner Yogi!

Some 30 years ago many considered yoga to be the preserve of the infinitely wise, incredibly flexible loincloth clad mountain men from the East. But how times have changed. People have come to realize how this ancient practice can improve their health, tone their body, increase flexibility and even lower stress levels while inspiring peace of mind.

And you don’t need to renounce worldly goods and seek out a Himalayan cave to get the most from your yoga sessions. Life in Motion’s roomy, light filled studios on 250 West 106th Street offer all you need to discover your inner yogi.

We welcome everyone, from beginner level to expert.

Our great value classes and long opening hours mean that everyone, from students and shop workers, to high-fliers and housewives, can stop by for a session and you can even bring Junior along too!

If you want something a little more vigorous than the inner calm and flow of our yoga sessions, we also offer fast paced spinning classes using state of the art bikes that are sure to help you work up a sweat and burn off the pounds.

Embrace your inner yogi at Life in Motion today!